Affiche de l'exposition Rue Leynaud

Group exhibition “Rue Leynaud”

April 27 to May 14, 2023

It is a story of colors, nuances, encounters between the past and the present; a story that takes place between the lines of a poem, black and white photographs, personal memories of the passing time.

Through the collective exhibition on the theme «Rue Leynaud», the resident artists of the Galerie L’Alcôve offer you a reflection on the living and unifying space of the street, too often considered as acquired that crystallizes the collective identity.  A multifaceted environment, where the individualities of each corner are composed in a disorderly and transient way, sometimes forgetting their structural linearity.  The artistic restitution of the imperfect and concrete character of the street, sinuous line of union of differences, allows to go beyond the poetic utopia of space to relaunch a common reflection on the best way to live together.

This collective exhibition is not only a retrospective on the history of the Lyon district, but also an opportunity to meditate on the value and transformations of the shared social space.  How can art transcend the invisible limits of an exhibition hall to establish a dialogue with the community around it and restore vitality to the public space?  How can the different views of the artists reveal the details and many facets of a dense place of life and stories?

During an exhibition, the Galerie L’Alcôve opens its doors to integrate the rhythms, movements and atmospheres of the street that hosts it.  An opening as ideal as necessary, which begins at the local level, fundamental to propose a refreshing approach to practice and artistic perception.  From his point of view and experience, each artist uses his medium to interpret in his own way the chosen theme – and you, how do you see the Leynaud Street?


Participating resident artists will:

Margot Nassiet

Maie Alexandre

Valérie Simoncelli

Nicolas Badout

Barbara Lerch

Adrien A. Ribet

Sophie-Kim Touras



Exhibition opening: Thursday 27 April 2023 from 5pm!

The opening of the exhibition “Rue Leynaud” will also be the evening of VerniTour! With family or friends come to discover or rediscover in a playful way the artistic life of the neighborhood!

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