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Evénement exceptionnel – Le VerniTour

Thursday 27 April 2023 from 5pm to 10pm

Thursday evening, as usual, our agenda is filled with openings: in every corner, events are in preparation – but how to organize to see them all?

Les Ateliers du Collectif, L’Atelier Galerie Catherine Mainguy, Galerie Feux d’artiste and Galerie Atelier l’Alcôve are joining forces for one evening to create an exceptional event, the VerniTour: the vernissage tour.


The Art Marathon

The Pentes de la Croix Rousse district is home to numerous art venues, workshops and galleries. Several independent, singular spaces, one next to the other. Several artists, several personal and collective exhibitions. Several audiences, interested in the lively news of contemporary art.

And what if all these singularities joined together for a common event, for one evening?


Links, cooperation, collaboration: at the basis of the VerniTour, there is the desire to create a network of artistic spaces, as strong as it is necessary. An evening of sharing, a tour of vernissages. The idea is to create an event that brings together the closest art venues in a fun and festive way, to guide the public to discover the existing network and meet the artists.


If you are interested in art, let your curiosity guide you and come and do the VerniTour and why not win one of the small prizes concocted by the different participating structures!


To participate, complete the VerniTour, discover and above all answer all the questions in the game!


VerniTour: Thursday 27 April 2023 from 5pm to 10pm

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Participating structures :

Website: Galerie Atelier Catherine Manguy / Instagram: mainguycatherine

Website: Galerie Atelier Feux d’Artistes / Instagram: feuxdartistes

Website: Les Ateliers du collectif / Instagram: lesateliersducollectif

Website : Galerie Atelier La Mare / Instagram : la.mare.atelier.galerie

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