Painting and drawing lessons with STK

Our resident artist, STK, will share her knowledge of painting and drawing with you.

The modalities of this course

Two options are available:

Private lessons. STK offers you courses organized according to the technique of painting or drawing that you wish to learn. Whether you want to paint like one of your favourite artists or let your imagination take over, STK will help you to progress and find your way of expressing yourself on canvas.

Price: 50€/course. Duration: 1 hour. Example of courses: interior sketching, fashion sketching, rediscovering your childlike soul, revisiting an artist such as Kandinsky, De Stael, etc. Abstract painting, and all suggestions.


Group classes. For an original moment with friends or colleagues, a playful activity for children, or simply to take classes regularly. STK offers several themes for group classes: the human body, perspective through live drawing and free expression.

Subscription, price: 60€/month, duration: 1H30. Group, 25€/session, duration: 1h.

For all types of classes, here are the techniques you can use: charcoal, pencil, black stone and white pencil, watercolour, felt-tip pen, coloured pencils, acrylic paint. All materials are provided.


You can register by contacting the artist by phone on 0679331743 or by Instagram 


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