STK ( Sophie Touras Kim)

The Artist

Sophie Kim Touras – said STK – has always been interested in drawing and painting. She even took drawing classes at Mâcon House of Youth and Culture. After graduating in plastic arts, she undertook a bachelor in interior design and architecture in Lyon. 

She then went to Montpellier for her masters at the School of Architecture. 

At the end of her studies in 2013, she came back to Lyon where she spent five years working as an urbanist and architect. 

Her need for creativity eventually got the best of her, she decided to pursue her artistic career and has been fully focused on it for over a year now. She also passes on her passion for art by giving individual as well as group drawing and painting classes. 

Moreover she was a resident artist/artiste in residence for two years at the Velours Royal workshop, where she got to exhibit her work alongside The Dot Project and Anas. In November 2019, she joined l’Alcove and has been one of the gallery’s resident artists ever since. 

Artistic Universe 

Sophie paints urban landscapes using acrylic paint and pays particular attention to architectural details. She also likes to look at the colours and perspective in the cities. She has repeatedly painted Lyon, however, she got to paint Mâcon, New York, San Francisco, Vietnam, India, Cuba and New Zealand for orders, from medium to large formats. 

Colour is very important in many of her works as it allows her to recreate a specific moment and atmosphere. 

Black and white sketches give her art a new dimension. There, she focuses more on lines and drawing.


Ever since she was a child Sophie has been inspired by two artists : Van Gogh and Kandinsky. She appreciates the importance of colour in their artworks.

A word from the artist

I needed to be able to create, question, and find answers to the problems/problematics I would encounter. I found a perfect balance between artistic liberty and friendly conversations with the other artists-in-residence at the gallery.

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