Applications from guest artists


The Galerie-Atelier L’Alcôve is run by a collective of nine resident artists. It is therefore the artists who decide whether or not to validate the applications: following the artists’ vote, we will communicate the result directly to the artists who have applied.

However, the Atelier-Galerie L’Alcôve is currently restructuring its operations:

Important reflections on the functioning of the association and the use of the space are underway. Changes are afoot that could also affect the way we integrate guest artists.
In the event that the decision is taken to continue with the current system based on exhibitions by outside artists, we will keep all applications for exhibition.


            How do you send in your applications?


Please send your work directly by email to:


You must send the following information:

  • Artistic CV (an idea of your approach, your mediums, your world).
  • Portfolio of works, in particular those you would like to exhibit.
  • Exhibition project (containing a title, ideas for scenography and a description of your approach).
  • A few lines about why you want to work with us.

If you also have a website or associated social networks, don’t hesitate to add them!

All types of art are accepted: photography, painting, sculpture, etc.

In the same way, group exhibitions are also possible (duo, trio, collective, etc.).


Until now, exhibitions have taken the following format: twenty days, using the entire exhibition space. The works are hung on Tuesdays, and taken down on the last Sunday of the exhibition. A vernissage and a finissage can be organised, as well as open days for the artist and the public to meet.

We’ll take care of your communication, including the design and printing of two posters and 50 flyers, as well as visibility on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

You’ll also have an online gallery to showcase your work on our website in the guest artists section.


Don’t hesitate to send us your application by email :

or submit your documents directly using the form on the dedicated web page on the Alcôve website:

application form

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