About us

Ever since May 2015, l’Alcove has been an art gallery and studio located in Lyon, in la Croix Rousse.

The space includes a studio, offering the eight artists part of « les Artistes Lyonnais » collective a place to work and express themselves.

The artists manage the gallery as well as the studio.

Thanks to each of their techniques and inspirations, all the artists complement one another.

Individual and collective exhibitions gathering works from all of our artists-in-residence take place every month and give a new dynamic to the gallery.

Resident artists at l’Alcove :

  • STK
  • Babara Lerch
  • Camille Guillaud
  • Valérie Simoncelli
  • Sébastien Ferraro
  • Xiaojun Song
  • Margot Nassiet
  • Adrien Ali-Ribet

The Alcove’s philosophy.

The gallery likes to think of art as being accessible to everybody, whether they are experts or amateurs.

Elite artists might not be showcased at the gallery, as the Alcove rather focuses on the art of discovery and sharing.

Each artwork can be purchased at the gallery during the exhibitions, you can also order an artwork directly with the artist.

The studio : an asset

The art studio allows the artists to create, imagine, elaborate new techniques and even collaborate. This is the case with Tang and Etus, two former resident artists, who imagined « Kraftwork », and created a mural with four hands on a theme given by the artists.

A place for sharing and discovering

Every month, for ten days, guest artists exhibit at the gallery, which is an opportunity to discover new artists, from the area or elsewhere, whether they are painters or photographers, sculptors or other techniques…

Openings usually take place on Thursday nights. This allows to create a weekly rendez-vous to share, meet and discuss art.

Works by guest artists can also be purchased at the gallery, as in other exhibitions.

If you’d like to get a chance to exhibit your work at the gallery, you will find more information here.

A word from the residents

‘It’s an artist collective, part of the association ‘Les Artistes Lyonnais’, whose goal is to guide resident artists in their work. The place is composed of a 55m² gallery and an art studio. Our will is to keep our identity as artists while sharing and creating new projects together.’ – Yann Merran

‘The gallery Alcove is an atypical place composed of a gallery which overlooks the street and art studios at the back. Paintings and photographs are exhibited there, in a soothing atmosphere. ‘Les Artistes Lyonnais’ is an artist collective composed of different but complementary plastic artists and photographers.’ – Camille Guillaud

‘When we visited the site for the first time, Yann and I thought it was the perfect place to open an art studio gallery. It is well-located and overlooks the street, which is why Yann and I chose it. Other artists gradually joined us and we rapidly formed a group of eight artists.’ – Tang

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. If you’d like to get a chance to exhibit your work at the gallery, you will find more information here.

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