Affiche de l'expostion

Exhibition “Family Portraits” by Valérie Simoncelli

From 16 March to 02 April 2023

“Portaits de famille” is an immersive exhibition, the artist Valérie Simoncelli invites visitors to participate in a narrative:


“Under one roof beautifully upholstered walls and some furniture bear witness to a past history; and if you had to continue this narrative, what part would you want to take?”

The artist uses “the house” as a metaphor for a society that she hopes will be more united, where differences are respected and singularities valued. Living under the same roof implies sharing the same space, which in fact becomes a social space where interactions between individuals are necessary. One lives there with one’s culture, education, sensitivity, fears and aspirations.

As in a society, these social interactions are necessary and even indispensable to protect and support the most vulnerable. Faced with a possible disintegration of these links, how can we remain in solidarity?

In this fictitious house, freely inspired by her grandparents’ house, the artist invites you to take your place and bear witness to this solidarity by completing the family album that is drawn on its walls.

Opening of the exhibition : Thursday 16 March 2023 from 6pm.

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