Affiche de l'exposition "Du sabord à la fenêtre"

Exhibition “From Sabord to Window”

May 17 to June 04, 2023


Originally from Normandy, Adrien A. Ribet has been cooking for a quarter of a century and has explored the regions of the world while learning about different flavours. Discovering the coastal landscapes, he traveled the world by sailboat, on foot and by bike. Three years ago, he left his nomadic life to join his beloved in San Francisco. Since then, he has expressed himself through painting using images of his memories.

The intuition of the choice of materials, its almost serial productivity, its use of bright colors, sometimes primary and its self-taught path, place it in an approach close to the Art Brut or the Singular.

For his first exhibition at l’Alcôve, in 2021, Adrien decided to move his workshop to the heart of the exhibition hall to allow visitors to be totally immersed in his world of creation; this exhibition «L’Atelier de Recherche Artistique» is the result of his work on two main dynamics: the recovery of materials and the reinvestment of the many techniques learned during his career. The perpetual exchange between art and crafts, two worlds that are sometimes very close and that he skillfully reconciles

The following year, without escaping the nostalgia of his travels, Adrien began to lean on his paintings to literally represent his visions through the porthole during his oceanic crossings. His second exhibition, entitled ‘Plein Mer’, is an opportunity to combine the movement of the waves painted on canvases with the resonance of the sound of a piano during intimate concerts.

Today, through this retrospective ‘From the Sabord to the Window’, you experience the fusion of his two previous exhibitions. Not only do you see part of what Adrien has cultivated during his artistic journey, but also what he has felt over the years, especially by looking at the extent of the blue surrounding it.


Exhibition opening: Wednesday 17 May 2023 from 6pm! 

Attention: The gallery will be open on May 18.


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