exposition "Bleu Soleil"

Exhibition “Bleu Soleil” par Margot Nassiet

From 08 to 25 June 2023


For her third exhibition as artist-in-residence at the Alcove gallery, Margot Nassiet presents works based on the cyanotype technique.
works based on the cyanotype technique, onto which she adds a touch of colour using acrylics.

The cyanotype is a technique developed in 1842 by the scientist and astronomer John Frederick William.
This technique is originally an old negative monochrome photographic process, which is used to obtain a Prussian blue print.
after exposure to light and rinsing.

In her new exhibition Bleu Soleil, Margot Nassiet takes us on a journey punctuated by the movement of fabric bathed
in an intense blue revealed by the Sun.
Her relationship with movement, more or less marked, more or less invasive, is revealed.
The extent of the imprint sometimes contrasts with the delicacy of the fabric represented by the cheesecloth, but everything is balanced and important.
The emptiness is an integral part of the composition, and the fabric brings out its movement against this bluish expanse.

At once textured and abstract, even minimalist, the works presented here reveal the artist’s taste for pure harmony.
The artist invites us to question our similarities by plunging us into a contemplative state.
However, her works also suggest that we should each give free rein to our own subjectivity.

It’s an invitation to escape, to find peace…


Exhibition opening: Thursday 08 June 2023 from 6pm! 



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