POP MOSAIC, le réel revisité par l’imaginaire (reality revisited by the imaginary), by Alice Sauvage aka ALSo

The Galerie-ateliers L’Alcôve is hosting the exhibition “Lieux et liens heureux” by our resident artist Valérie Simoncelli.

The exhibition will be preceded by a two-week artistic residency open to the public in the the gallery space. There, the artist will interview willing viewers about a place that makes or would make them happy, in order to feed her creative process. The exhibition will be the result of collaboration between the artist and the public.




From 20 March to 30 March, Valérie Simoncelli will be taking up an artistic residency in the gallery space.

Then from 2 April until 6 April her solo exhibition “Lieux et liens heureux” will be on show.

Urban planner and visual artist

This year, Valérie Simoncelli has decided to transform the Alcôve gallery space into a studio, to explore the ties that bind us to the places where we live, where we were born or where we dream.

It is these tangible or intangible links to these places, specific to each individual, and the nature of the feelings and emotions that arise from them, that she wishes to express through her drawings and installations. Drawing on her own experience and on interviews she has conducted, and on your contributions to come, she plans to give an account of these stories and to stage them, accumulating them like a collection.

You are all invited to come and talk to the artist at the gallery during the two-week residency, or to send your contributions to her work directly via this questionnaire.

The vernissage will take place on Thursday 4 April 2024, during the Verni Tour, from 5pm at the Galerie-ateliers L’Alcôve, 15 rue René-Leynaud, 69001 Lyon.

The artist

Valérie Simoncelli is a graduate of the Lyon School of Architecture. She worked for 15 years in architecture and urban planning agencies in France and abroad. It was during a two-year stay in Singapore that she took up drawing again, inspired by the city-state’s breathtaking urban landscape and curious about Asian culture.

Her world and references

Her artistic work seeks to link three elements: emotions, body and space. They feed into each other, highlighting the absence of neutrality in our relationship with others and our environment. Moreover, this otherness is, in her eyes, vertiginous and intense.

His inspiration comes from the world of architecture and urban planning, both in the projects themselves and in the ‘subjects’ they convey and develop. Ecological commitments, aspirations to move our society towards a better way of living together.

She also draws inspiration from: comic strips, graphic novels, materials and their shadows. But also through the vocabulary and graphic representations of geography.




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