POP MOSAIC, le réel revisité par l’imaginaire (reality revisited by the imaginary), by Alice Sauvage aka ALSo

The Galerie-ateliers L’Alcôve is giving way to the first solo exhibition of our resident artist Alice Sauvage, alias ALSo, promising to take us into a colourful and dusty universe.




From 28 February to 17 March, the gallery will be showcasing the new solo exhibition by Alice Sauvage, alias ALSo, entitled “POP MOSAIC, le réel revisité par l’imaginaire“.

Artist – Mosaicist

Come and discover a new world, where the real is revisited by the imaginary. Everyday objects, fragments of materials, bright colours and bold patterns combine to create unique POP mosaics.
Inspired by collage, street art and pop culture, ALSo’s mosaics are living works of art that invite reflection and imagination. They explore a variety of themes, such as respect for humans and animals, the environment and identity. ALSo POP mosaics are original and captivating works of art. They invite us to take a fresh look at the world and reflect on the issues that affect us all.

During the exhibition, there will be two evening discussions on the themes of “being an artist and being legitimate” on 4 & 11 March.

The opening will take place on Thursday 29 February 2024, from 6pm at the Galerie-ateliers L’Alcôve, 15 rue René-Leynaud, 69001 Lyon.

The artist

Alice Sauvage is a new resident artist at L’Alcôve, arriving in July 2023. Originally from Toulouse, she has just taken a turning point in her career. Previously marketing director for a pharmaceutical group in London, she moved to Lyon in February to devote herself fully to her passion for mosaics. She has been practising mosaics since she was 20. After immersing herself in her passion again during the confinement period, she enrolled at the London School of Mosaic in 2021, and there’s no turning back.


Alice Sauvage wants to bring mosaic to a wider audience and show that it is an art form that has its place outside the bathroom or kitchen. She works mainly with paintings inspired by various artistic influences, from modern art, particularly Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Le Douanier Rousseau, Edouardo Paolozzi, Kerstin Bratsh, and Nick Cave, to street art, with Kobra, Bordalo II, and Add Fuel, to name but a few.

She describes her style as “POP MOSAIC“. It is inspired by collage and pop culture. She likes to bring together different materials, mostly salvaged, to play with textures and patterns, always in bright colours. It’s important to her to use materials that were destined to be thrown away, to give them a second life. So she hunts in second-hand shops or even in old tile shop stocks, and sometimes even in nature for volcanic stone, shells or quartz.



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