“Orange Bleu”, by Sophie-Kim Touras


From 22 May to 8 June 2024, the gallery space will host the ‘Orange Bleu’ exhibition by resident artist Sophie-Kim Touras.

You are all invited to come and meet the artist at the vernissage on 23 May 2024.


In her new exhibition, ‘Orange Bleu’, Sophie-Kim TOURAS captures the essence of urban temporalities through a palette of vibrant colours. Immerse yourself in a world where deep blue evokes the serenity of quiet streets at dusk, while blazing orange embodies the frenetic energy of night-time neon lights or the dawning dawn.
The artist creates a striking duality with these colours, transcending simple visual contrast to plunge to the heart of the emotion. Blue captures serenity and invites contemplation, while orange embodies the tumultuous energy and intense heat of the city.
Using a variety of media, the artist explores the changing nuances of Lyon, immortalising fleeting moments and capturing the diversity of the cityscape. Her works, which range from the detailed and colourful to the pure and haunting, offer a unique perspective on our urban environment, informed by her architectural eye through the captivating prism of orange and blue.

“Orange Bleu” célèbre la beauté et la complexité de la vie moderne, offrant une immersion artistique dans les teintes et les textures de notre monde citadin.
Laissez-vous transporter par l’harmonie et la tension entre ces deux couleurs emblématiques alors qu’elles se mêlent et se confrontent dans des œuvres d’art uniques.


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