Affiche de l'exposition Sous les Feuilles

Exhibition “Sous les Feuilles” by Laëtitia Grün

From 23 February to 12 March 2023

Come and discover the exciting world of the artist during his new solo exhibition at the Galerie l’Alcôve:

Sous les Feuilles

“Through a mechanical gesture, I seek the state of trance. The pen at my fingertips, dissociated from my mind, follows its course. It draws a line, a horizon, a landscape. Reflections of a state of mind, of the poetry of the moment.”

It was during her years of study at art school in Grenoble that she began drawing with a biro, a medium that met her burgeoning fascination with the mountains. In search of wide open spaces, she takes with her what to immortalize her impressions/feelings/emotions.

Since then, she has not abandoned her blue ink biros. The colour blue remains like an “echo of mountains, skies, misty landscapes, oceans. A colour that creates space”.

His work is like an “Itinerary for those who walk and wander along the path of reverie: a (poetic) parenthesis with their eyes in the landscape”.

For her new exhibition “Sous les Feuilles”, Laëtitia Grün offers us an immersive “journey, a stroll”. Mixing abstraction and figuration, she makes us enter her universe. Her works suggest to each of us to give free rein to our subjectivity.

Opening of the exhibition : Thursday 23 February 2023 from 6pm.

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