Affiche de l'exposition "De teintes et d'or".

Exhibition De Teintes et d’Or by Bernard Delaval

From 02 to 19 February 2023

Come and discover the golden and delicate universe of the gilding artist Bernard Delaval during his new personal exhibition at the Galerie l’Alcôve:

De Teintes et d’Or

Bernard Delaval reveals himself to contemporary art after 40 years of working in gold leaf for the heritage.

With his hand freed by the mastery of a demanding technique, Bernard Delaval creates sculptures of limitless imagination; matter and movement come to life in a dazzling way under the fingers of this artist.

Gold as an obviousness, gold as a revelation; the genesis of each sculpture is evoked by its title and a short sentence, but the visitor who walks through the exhibition appropriates each work by the emotion felt.

Multiple interpretations open up according to the sensitivity of each viewer: if the creator has chosen a path, each one is free to take his own. Nourished by his Burgundy soil, his abstractions open up multiple interpretations according to each sensitivity: a declension “De Teintes et d’Or”, which communicates joy and enthusiasm.

Opening of the exhibition : Thursday 02 February 2023 from 6pm.

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