Exhibition “Autumns in Winter” by Barbara LERCH

Exhibition “Autumn in Winter” by Barbara Lerch
From the 10th to the 27th of March, 2022

Winter 2022 closes at the Alcove with the exhibition “Autumn in Winter” by Barbara Lerch, from March 10 to 27.
The artist invites you to her opening on Thursday, March 10, starting at 6 pm.

“Autumns in Winter” is a multitude of autumns united in one winter.
Barbara Lerch’s abstract drawings borrow their warm, golden browns from autumn and their translucent whites from winter. The lines move through the space of the sheet, the shapes stand out and play with the light. Their shadows move, the drawing lives and vibrates peacefully.
Barbara Lerch’s meticulous work invites us to immerse ourselves in the languor and reverie of the cold seasons, at this time when nuance gives the image its subtlety, when time seems to suspend itself without ceasing its work.


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