Exhibition “To feed the pigeons” by Paul Ward

Exhibition “To feed the pigeons” by Paul Ward
From  31st of march to 17th of April, 2022

Help the masses to overthrow the cruel minority. Tyrants exist because they are taken seriously. They feed off the fear they create.

So here’s a big “fuck you”, a laugh in the face of cruelty, an explosion of vibes to try to put power back where it belongs.

From politicians to polluters, from arms dealers to heartless industrialists, “Feed the Pigeons” will help you point the finger at the culprits while laughing behind the other hand.

Feast your eyes on Paul Ward’s paintings, drawings and other works.

Let’s show them the fairer, greener, funnier society we can build.

To know more about it:

Instagram : paulwardart

Site internet : www.paulwardart.com

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