Exhibition “Papiers de soi, ma fragilité est ma force” with the participation of Barbara LERCH

Exhibition “Papiers de soi” my fragility is my strength

a project of convergence between artists proposed by JM Paubel
with the participation of Barbara Lerch

Sharing of the project on 11/12/13 november and 18/19/20 november 2022 SCOF, cité d’artistes de Grigny 36, avenue Marcellin Berthelot open doors workshop Jean-Marc Paubel


The words of Jean-Marc Paubel:

“As every year I propose to three artists to explore with me a theme.

This year, we have chosen a subject that was addressed by the 16th Biennial of Contemporary Art and that particularly speaks to us, that we have been exploring for a long time, like many artists: the subject of fragility.

This year again, we will each develop this theme, in parallel and in total freedom, together but in total independence, just in the reciprocal curiosity to see the individual resonance that our common reflection will take, the paths it will draw.

As for each convergence project, we will set milestones, times of exchange and confrontation around our respective advances.

We will share the results of this research during the open house at the workshop in November. As every year, this sharing is less worthwhile as an exhibition than as a focal point of a shared research and a starting point for new advances in our journey.

Each of us may be led to freely use, in whole or in part, his or her project in other places and with other partners.

This is the spirit of these projects: freedom and openness.

To make work, yes but not alone.”


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