La Braderie 2024

Galerie-ateliers L’Alcôve is briefly continuing with its Christmas Boutique with the “Braderie”, to give those who missed out on a bargain last month some extra time.




The gallery space will be taken over by the 9 resident artists, offering an ideal opportunity to discover their work:

Alice Sauvage – Arthur Varenne – Barbara Lerch -Margot Nassiet – Maïe Alexandre – Nicolas Badout – Sébastien Ferraro – Sophie-Kim Touras – Valerie Simoncelli


Visible from Wednesday 3 to 13 January 2024!
You’ll be able to meet all the members of the Lyonnais Artists collective, talk to them, find out more about the project behind the name L’Alcôve and discover the diversity of their practices: mosaics, illustration, drawing, painting, kirigami, photography, pyrography, cyanotype… Let’s get the year off to a great start!

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