Exposition " Quand le ciel s'en mêle " - Sophie Kim Touras

Exhibition ” When the sky gets in the way ” by Sophie Kim Touras

From 12 to 29 May 2022

The architect’s eye, the artist’s gaze

Inspired by the sky and its fascinating nuances, Sophie Kim Touras opens up new horizons with her exhibition ” When the sky gets in the way “. Trained as an architect, the artist allows us to rediscover the facades of Lyon. The buildings are illuminated or fade into the darkness, revealing new reflections. The city offers us a form of serenity. We discover it empty of its inhabitants and full of contrasts.

Sophie Kim Touras’ leitmotiv is to bring an architectural approach to her work.

However, she allows herself artistic freedom with regard to the proportions of the buildings, which are sometimes gigantic, sometimes timid. She follows a subjective, felt scale.

Acrylics bring texture and depth, where drawing hypnotizes us with precision. We marvel at her meticulously aesthetic work, from a bright dawn to an intoxicating dusk.

Like the Impressionist series, Quand le ciel s’en mêle captures a fleeting moment and its variations. In each work, Sophie Kim Touras tries to capture a light and the palette of emotions that emanates from it. The sky becomes the index of temporality of a wonderful journey through the seasons.

A word from the artist

“I like to observe the sky and its shades of blue – a colour that inspires me a lot. My exhibition When the sky gets involved allows me to continue my work on a city I know well, while exploring a new point of view, the sky.
This element that surrounds us, that we cannot control, that can change in an instant and that influences our emotions so much.
I see it as a refuge for those who miss us, as that person so dear to my heart, so I like to think that, wherever he is, we are looking at the same sky.

Exhibition opening: Thursday 12 May from 6pm to 9pm.


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