Exposition "Points de suspension" par Cat_R6

Exhibition ” Ellipsis ” by Cat_R6

From 1st to 19th June 2022


Through her exhibition entitled ” Ellipsis”, the artist Cat_R6 invites you to discover a series of collages that lead you to feel the notion of suspension, of weightlessness, which also questions the question of expectation and lightness, of bodily and psychic tension. During this period of pandemic, the whole world has been “suspended”. What does this mean for us? Who are we when we are ” pending “?

Could we explore this ambivalent feeling of being out of the flow of action, without support but also without pressure?

The multiplicity and duality of experiences and emotions during this period led her to create a series on the theme of weightlessness, emptiness, lightness, uncertainty, metamorphosis, return to the source.

Beyond what initially appears to be a frightening or uncomfortable experience, one can perceive an invitation to feel the possible fruitfulness, the sweetness of exploration, rebirth, the amazing experience of the absence of pressure.

Suspense: a state of agonising uncertainty at a decisive moment until a denouement, a revelation. A state of dramatic tension.

This exhibition invites you to capture the image, the moment…just before the denouement, to feel alive, present and aware.

Private viewing: Thursday 2 June from 5 to 9 pm.

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