Who is Cat_R6?

Born in Lyon, Cat_r6 is a young collage artist. She has been taking illustration and painting classes since childhood, but decided to pursue her studies and the practice of psychology before returning to art and particularly collage in 2016.

Combining all the materials and media she can find, recycle and gathered, during her walks and travels, she creates unique collages on the recurring but not exclusive themes of women, nature or pop culture.

Her inspirations are multiple, from botany and entomology to urban art, from the Pre-Raphaelites to Dadaism, from Warhol to Monty Python… She likes to play with shapes and colours like a musician likes to assemble the notes of a melody, in search of a secret harmony.

Her collages evoke a poetic language that allows deep emotions to arise or subtle resonances to be awakened.



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Cat_R6 exhibits at L’Alcôve gallery from June 1st to 19th 2022 with ” Ellipsis “: more information here

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