“Infinite” exhibition by Draz

From 30 August to 18 September 2022


The Indian ink stick releases its black pigments on contact with the stone and water. The brush is impregnated with it. It flies over the rice paper, brushes against it to draw lines, its bristles then curve to give birth to curves, to points that respond to each other. The ideograms come to life in the mind, first of all, then in a space, a time. By focusing on the breath, and channelling energy, the author moves towards mastery and serenity.


Calligraphy, a source of inspiration, meets photography. Eight photographs freely interpret eight sinograms, through posture and emotion. The whole represents a life journey, with its phases of renunciation and awakening that lead us to this “infinity”.


Opening of the exhibition: Tuesday 30 August 2022 from 7pm.




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