Exhibition “Evasions Abstraites” by charlotte PIVARD

From February 03 to 13, 2022

The Gallery L’Alcôve welcomes Charlotte Pivard from February 03 to 13, 2022 for her solo exhibition EVASIONS ABSTRAITES. The artist invites you to her opening on Thursday, February 03 from 8 pm at L’Alcôve.

The exhibition “Evasions abstraites”, is an invitation to travel from abstract landscape to figurative. An invitation to perceive the reflection of a listening of nature, to be moved by the variations of the light, to feel the fragility of the existence, through lines and lively colors.

Charlotte Pivard’s painting is a magnified representation of reality, at the same time as an abstract pictorial research. And in this graphic seduction made of light and colors, the real suggests the abstract, and vice versa.

Her canvases mark the curiosity by their colors and their bright lights. Through her travels, Charlotte Pivard will soak up the beauty that surrounds her. From Cassis to Majorca, through the Caribbean, Indonesia or New Caledonia, she invites us to rediscover the landscape. Through a structured composition and a spontaneous sense of movement, Charlotte Pivard manages to instill both calm and depth in her paintings.

Her work is nourished by contemplation and ingenuously pleads for the protection of the environment. This painter, full of sincerity, has a loving look at nature and likes to transmit, thanks to the luminous intensity of her colors, her daily renewed wonder before the world.

Charlotte Pivard reinterprets the landscapes by flat tints of color and lines to make the emotion bloom beyond the figurative…

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