L'artiste Marlène Chevalier pendant l'exposition "Du jour au Lendemain"

Marlène Chevalier’s little interview


A look back at Marlène Chevalier‘s exhibition,
Du jour au lendemain


  • What is your main theme in this exhibition?

The main theme of this exhibition is above all a look at my last three to four years of drawings, my graphic researches and my work on language, memory, the transcription of emotions and the writing of intimacy.


  • Can you tell us more about what you call “frames”?

Rasters are the shades of grey that are created by the accumulation of strokes, dots and hatchings. In my approach they represent the different densities of what goes through us every day.


  • Do you have a precise idea of what you are going to draw before you draw; overall shape, pattern etc.?

I never know what will happen on paper. It’s like a seismogram, the mood of the day dictates the rhythm. The vagaries of the day will modify the support of the pencil, the cuts and discussions modify the cadence and the movements of the felt-tip pen. From all these differences in sensation, autonomous, abstract figures are born.

  • Do you see anything figurative in them? 

Absolutely not, I see the trace of the moment, the imprint of one or more emotions. My drawings are more like a photo album, but drawn.  

Exhibition “Du jour au Lendemain” from 02 to 22 November 2022 at the gallery L’Alcôve.
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