Sylvie Kochen was born in the South of France. However, she lived in Paris, then Lyon, New York, and again Lyon. 

Artistic universe

“My painting has crossed various currents after several training courses in plastic arts, live models, and calligraphy, in art schools and collective workshops. Today, it’s based on mixed techniques on canvas, wood or paper; mixing acrylic, ink, bitumen, pastels and charcoal. From the abstract to the figurative, I would say that my painting evolves from one to the other, suggestive rather than trying to reproduce reality. It’s an approach that is an experimentation, an adventure, an intuition.

The canvas metamorphoses. It creates sense, little by little, with the touches of colour, spaces and balances. But also thanks to contrasts and matter, oscillating between tension and fullness. I am looking for an imaginary between lakes and interlacing, deserts and immensities, lost or to be explored horizons. I translate a tenacious or fleeting memory. It creates sensations, emotions, tensions, chromatic relationships captured in a reflection or on the walls of a city. Then comes the questioning and the mystery.

I regularly exhibit in galleries, salons and cultural venues. My sensitivity in artistic matters is diverse. It is as much attracted by contemporary American painting (Marc Rothko, Jasper Johns…) as by Zao Wou Ki, Nicolas De Staël or Chagall.

L’Alcove, a creative opportunity

“Three years ago, I wanted to join l’Alcôve and its collective of artists, painters, photographers, graphic designers, to share creative experiences. The permanent emulation brought by working together in a framework of exchange, the opportunity to organise collective and personal exhibitions in the gallery, to propose artistic events, performances, inaugurations and tastings is attractive. In addition, partnerships with other local events to offer the public an artistic diversity within the gallery. The Alcove remains a space for permanent cultural enrichment and a lively place. “

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