Natalia Simonenko

Who is Natalia Simonenko?


A mixture of impressionism and realism interpreted in a modern way, this is how one can best describe the style of Natalia Simonenko’s paintings.

Intense and emotional colours and the representation of light and air create special atmospheres. Her works are internationally recognised and have already been exhibited in Moscow, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Paris. Natalia Simonenko was born in St. Petersburg and lives in Stuttgart. She studied at the I.A. Herzen Pedagogical Institute of Graphic Arts and at the Ilya Repin Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Independent of the fashions of the art market, Natalia Simonenko claims a realism close to the light and airy painting of Impressionism. Although in some of her paintings she partially approaches the limit of abstraction, the figurative aspect is always preserved. The vivid expressive colours of her paintings correspond to the nature of the fiery temperamental painter and directly translate her emphatic perception of the world into colour.  “Colours are the acoustic sounds that appeal to the feeling in the same measure, sometimes even more intensely”, says the artist. Natalia Simonenko’s philosophical approach can be summarised as follows:

“For me, the beauty of this world comes first. This is what I want to show in my paintings”.



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