Miu Shinoda

Who is Miu Shinoda ?


Miu Shinoda is a Japanese artist based in Lyon. This international artist has already participated in numerous exhibitions and events in Paris, New York and Tokyo. She also gives art classes for children.


Through her art, Miu Shinoda maintains a relationship and a reflection with the notions of emotions and escape; of entertainment.

“I believe that “joy” and “escape” are two sides of the same coin.

In her work, the artist is confronted with human emotions, the emotion of joy in particular interests her, as does the behaviour of escapism. The artist is interested in the expression and the search for this emotion as well as the awareness that we have of it. Throughout our lives we create and seek out many forms of entertainment. In recent years, with the spread and development of smartphones in particular, entertainment has become more and more readily available and with less and less effort. It is around these reflections that his work is articulated.

After his numerous solo exhibitions, we will have the pleasure of welcoming him to the Alcôve gallery. In this new exhibition “Hanami II” Miu Shinoda takes the viewer into his universe between figuration and abstraction where the flower has become the symbol of joy.

“Hanami” comes from Japanese and literally means “to look at the flowers”; it designates a ritual consisting in contemplating the blossoming of cherry trees to celebrate the coming of spring and the ephemeral beauty of nature.


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From 6 to 23 April at the Alcôve gallery, Miu Shinoda takes you into the joyful and festive atmosphere of Hanami through his flower paintings: more information here.
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