Margot Nassiet

The Artist

Five years ago, Margot moved to Lyon, to pursue her ambitions of working as an independent artist; to do so, she attended an art school for 3 years. As she wasn’t pleased by this degree, she started working on a different approach on how to express herself through her art. Quickly after that, she joined the Alcove’s studios, with the aim to be part and learn from this artist association. She joined us in residence in February 2020.

Artistic Universe

Margot has a natural interest for southern cultures, and it’s probably because of her Spanish origins. Besides that, she’s also deeply interested by African cultures, especially by « wax fabrics » which represent an infinite source of inspiration for her, particularly with the different patterns that she used in her “Wax Posters”. 

Margot, who worships the use of several inspiration sources, also admires the Japanese values and aesthetics. We can perceive this specific spiritual and serene atmosphere in her work, and particularly in her tarot’s card re-interpretation.


In the same way Margot likes using different universes to enrich her inspirations, she also works with different graphics techniques. That’s with this curiosity and will to experiment that she can propose such various artworks.

She principally uses digital painting, as well as pyrography, which is to her, a concrete approach with the material.  

A word from the artist

« I’m convinced that emulation prompts us to explore our inner self, but also reflect on our own art, and become in that way, pretty interesting. That’s why I decided to join the Alcove gallery: to find a balance »


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