Margot Nassiet

Présentation of the artist Margot Nassiet

Margot Nassiet moved to Lyon 9 years ago for her studies.
She ended up entering the art world by following an illustration course for 3 years.

At the end of this course, she wanted to find another way of approaching art and expressing herself.
She quickly joined the Alcove workshops to enrich herself with this association of artists. Member of the association since January 2020, she continues to develop her work by multiplying her sources of inspiration and her techniques.

Artistic universe and influences

If Margot Nassiet proposes an opening towards the cultures “blown by the southern winds”, it is certainly due to her Spanish and Landes origins.
Fascinated by African cultures, those of the indigenous civilizations of America or even those from Egypt, the artist is interested in the colours, symbols, myths and riches of these different cultures to create her works.

Moreover, the world of tattoos is a field that also inspires the artist, mainly those ancestral and ritual tattoos from the Berber culture in which we find symbols leading to a certain ornamental symmetry, which can also echo the ornaments present in certain architectures.

All these worlds lead her to produce things that are more or less colourful and more or less abstract.

Artistic techniques

If Margot likes to draw her inspiration from many different worlds, it is the same for her graphic techniques. It is thanks to her curiosity and her desire to experiment that Margot proposes plural works.

The artist creates illustrations and paintings by expressing herself mainly with paint, digital painting, cyanotype as well as pyrography on wood, which is for her a striking and “concrete” approach with the material.
All her technical approaches allow her to respond to her diverse inspirations.

A few words from the artist

“I am convinced that emulation favours the exploration of oneself, of others, of art and becomes in this sense really enriching, that is why I wanted to integrate the Alcove, to find a balance.”



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