Etus has been deeply passionate about artistic creation since he was a child. After many odd jobs, he finally had the opportunity to exhibit his work in the “Café des Artistes” in Lyon. It’s following this exhibition that, in January 2018, he joined the Alcove gallery.

Artistic Universe

He developed his style over the years. He mainly works with the accumulation of several faces that we can see in many of his paintings. He particularly appreciates playing on the double accumulation of backgrounds and faces. Little by little, text is added to his work as well as geometrical shapes. The recurring colours are black and white. However, bright colours sometimes come to accentuate his paintings.

Etus is inspired by his emotions, his feelings, his memories and a multitude of inspirations that surround him. According to him, painting is just like a therapy, a way to visually express his unconscious. The works he creates are “Falsely cute”: If we look closely into the details of his drawings, we can find some hidden deepest significations.

Born in Lyon, this city is also a source of influence for him. Mainly because of the dynamism it brings through art, music and festivals.

A multitude of media

Etus created several supports in order to give free rein to his imagination and unconscious. You can therefore find his universe on skates, vases, tables, frescoes, canvases and vinyl sleeves.

A word from ETUS

I’m drawing since my early childhood, I have perfected my style over the years. My works are both monochrome and colourful. Most of the time, I like to make colourful backgrounds with gradations on which I add faces, bodies, interlacing vases…


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