The Artist

Camille Guillaud has an art degree, which she got at ENSAAMA in Paris in 2009. 

This is when she fully devoted herself to the fascinating technique of Lacquer painting. She first discovered it at an art gallery in Lyon, and was immediately captivated by its brightness. 

Camille travelled to Japan and Vietnam after graduating to enhance her Lacquer skills. In 2011, she started her own business and used this technique to create a link between her French and Korean origins.

She joined l’Alcove in February 2017.

Artistic Universe

Lacquer is made out of sap tapped from the Asian lacquer tree. Around the 17th century, other techniques imitating this one emerged in France. Art Deco artists such as Jean Dunand or Eileen Gray appropriated this material.

Camille is one of the few people who professionally use lacquer. Most of her work consists of using this technique on furniture, pictures, or even boxes and jewellery. Along with this, she creates her own jewellery in origami shapes.

The vivid colours in her work refer to Korean culture and elements in nature.

Harmony and balance are major features in Korean culture and can be found in her pieces. Camille is influenced by nature, floral patterns, and geometrical forms in textiles. 

A word from the artist

The « Hanbok spirit » series, according to Camille.

« A Hanbok is a traditional Korean costume, often worn during traditional weddings or other celebrations. It’s made out of several layers of clothes, including a bolero and a skirt for women. The vivid colours and floral and geometrical patterns make the royal Hanboks. »


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