Alice / ALSo introduction

Alice Sauvage has just started her residence since July 2023. Born in Toulouse, she is about the take a U-turn in her career. She was previously Marketing Director in a pharmaceutical laboratory in London. She has just moved to Lyon to kick-off her new chapter as a Mosaist.

She has been creating mosaic since the age of 20, by sticking tiles on top of furnitures. However between 2008 and 2020, her career was the priority and the time given to mosaic was very tiny. During lockdown, she had more time to spend on her passion, she has not stopped it since then. She entered at the London School of Mosaic for evening lessons taught by her mentor Catherine Parkinson. She learnt several techniques and started looking for her own style as a mosaist. She is also a volunteer working on a commission from Transport for London and Network Rail, to create a 57-metre long wall in mosaic at London Bridge station (more details here:


Alice Sauvage wants to make people realising that mosaic can be an artwork to hang at home and not only patterns in bathrooms or kitchen decorations. She creates artworks inspired by modern art, specially Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Le Douanier Rousseau, Edouardo Paolozzi, Kerstin Bratsh, and Nick Cave. Street art is a critical source of inspiration too, Kobra, Bordaloo II and Add Fuel are among many others inspirational streetartists.

She describes her style as POP MOSAIC, it looks like collage, as she brings different textures from diverse recycled materials, with bright colors and patterns. It is key for her to use recycled materials, giving a second chance to broken objects like plates, glasses… Her suppliers are flea markets, tile store’s old storage and the nature for volcanic stones, shells or quartz.

Photos by : Morgane Boëm

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