Exposition “Polaroïd”, par Alain Guillemaud

Polaroid” exhibition, by Alain Guillemaud. On view at the Galerie L’Alcôve from 18 October to 4 November 2023.


A word from the artist Alain Guillemaud:
“Every day I use digital photography for my professional work. It’s the ideal tool for today’s world, fast, precise, easy to use and with no surprises.

But what a pleasure it is from time to time to work with film and to rediscover that analogue material that is sometimes unpredictable but certainly more complex and sensory.

Travelling, in Lyon, or in the studio, between professional commissions, I take out my Polaroid cameras in search of emotion, I photograph while fleeing from reality, I transform and reinvent places, seeking out or inventing a story for them.
Without histograms or control screens, sometimes a photographic accident takes my picture into another dimension.”

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