Presentation of the artist Yann Merran

Born in 1977, Yann Merran is self-taught. He deals with the themes of life, provocation and prohibitions. As an artist of reality, he is a witness of our society and our lifestyles. He creates still images that nevertheless integrate a story, a deep meaning that the spectator can interpret and appropriate. Yann Merran travels around the world to create his works. Attracted by Street Art, he tries to be a witness of this ephemeral art and give it a timeless dimension. Yann Merran is no longer limited to Street Art, he also practices digital editing and conventional photography.

A word from Yann Merran

On my wall you can find scroll coded messages, dialogues, questions, claims… I present here a “Page d’écriture” just like Prévert, made of the message from childrens in the streets, those free people who have chosen to shout out in silence what comes to their mind so that someone can perhaps take advantage of it and be inspired by it.

I present here a photographic series of texts borrowed from the street, so many ephemeral messages that represent our daily life, our society, sometimes even ourselves. »


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