Presentation of the artist Tang

As a self-taught artist, Tang worked for a while as a graphic designer before devoting himself entirely to painting since 2003. He has occupied several workshops in Lyon and more particularly in the rue René Leynaud since 2010. This is the date of his return from a 3 year stay in Japan. Tang participated in the creation of the Alcôve Galerie/ Ateliers in 2015.

Artistic universe

His interpration of the nature who surrounds us is his principal inspiration. He creates different series such as EDA (branches), VEGETAL (plants), BLOSSOM (flowers) and most recently IKEBANA (flower arrangements). His canvases offer brilliant colours, with chromatic, sophisticated and subtle effects that often tend towards dreamlike effects.

A word from Tang

I trained as a graphic designer and worked as a graphic designer for a short time. But I quickly understood what I wanted, which was to paint all day long. I then made my first exhibition with “Carré d’artiste” in 2003, when I left Grenoble to settle in Lyon. Then I went to Japan in 2008 where I continued to paint and make exhibitions while continuing to send paintings to Lyon“.

What is an artist?

What if the person that society stamps as an artist, was the one who manages to plastically translate his emotions and intimate feelings. To give them a visible form, while sometimes instituting a discussion.



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