Sophie Tibaudat

Qui est Sophie Thibaudat ?

The artist tells us:

“I’ve been drawing since the age of three, encouraged by my teacher. She opened me up to this creative spirit where everything attracted me artistically. Then I gradually specialised in coloured pencils. Coloured wooden sticks that I grasp to draw the colour. My years of study at the Beaux-arts have pushed me to get to the essentials, I go from figuration to the purest abstraction: in this case, colour. This is my battle. From one exhibition to the next, I create my own colour: a play of nuances, transparency and superimposed colours. Giving the whole a harmony, a joyful, fresh spirit. In 2018, I discovered Rothko: a purified abstraction of colour, his work appealed to me. It was love at first sight, because his work goes right to the heart of what I was looking for. Simplicity, tending towards infinite space, colour and nothing but colour. So I began to explore this avenue, but with the addition of a precious tool: the coloured pencil. As I worked, I felt calm and serenity, repetition and an invitation to meditation.


Sophie Thibaudat’s website


“Au regard des couleurs” exhibition from 28 September to 14 October 2023 at the Galerie l’Alcôve, in collaboration with David Philippon.

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