Paul Ward

Who is Paul Ward?

Born in Manchester, based in Lyon, Paul Ward has been doodling and dabbling in paint since the school bell dictated his every move.

Paul Ward did screen printing for half a decade after university and finally took a chance and made art. He recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of that decision, and in his tiny but comfortable apartment in Lyon’s 3rd arrondissement, he has no desire to look back.

In constant disagreement with himself, the only truth he can count on is that he hates bullies, that he cannot stand injustice or insensitivity. He feels this comes through in all his paintings and illustrations, whether it’s big bullies wielding batons and cracking heads at a climate march or the gall of people like Richard Branson asking for financial aid from a world they trawl for like ever more bare seabeds. He tends to balance all this anger with jokes, usually in the form of scribbled phrases and juvenile doodles that are the essence of his work.

“Painting is where I find solace, it has such power to transfer ideas from your head to a surface.” Paul Ward

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