Mathia Pagani

Presentation of the artist

Mathia Pagani (born in Milan in 1981) has nourished his artistic research first in mute before devoting himself entirely to painting and digital art. His biography traces the path of a slow approach, which saw him first on the side of those who animate culture, who organize and write about the work of others, while perfecting himself as a developer of digital content related to art.

He has worked in a gallery, at the Museum of Cultures (MUDEC) in Milan, as well as in a large theater in Milan, that of Andrée Ruth Shammah and Franco Parenti. His first solo exhibition in a gallery in Milan is in 2020.

Completely self-taught he has always painted and played with images, created and “recreated” a double track that still marks the artist, Mathia Pagani, the one born in full force in 2018, when he moved to France (first in Paris and then in Lyon).

“It is a choice that has a monastic flavor, almost an escape from the frenzy of a cultural world that focuses everything on novelty and impression.” (Excerpt from the presentation by Giuseppe Frangi, President of Casa Testori, Milan)

His work

In Pagani’s poetic grammar, “error” is a fundamental component, destabilizing and at the same time very poetic. On the one hand, there is the deeply meditative Pagani, who works meticulously to compose canvases with simple chromatic triangles that emerge from the surface by dint of subtle luminous vibrations; on the other hand, there is the technological artist, who makes his delicate imagination explode in the implacable mechanism of the computer.

It is no coincidence that the most representative series of his latest project is called 404 Not Found, a title taken from the message that appears on the screen every time to indicate a failure, an error.

“These are images of cities that incorporate the shape of the perfect triangle, but at the same time welcome the stumbling block of an unexpected factor, out of context, that gently destabilizes.” (Excerpt from the presentation by Giuseppe Frangi, President of Casa Testori, Milan)


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