Presentation of Maïe

Immersed in art since her childhood, thanks to a family of painters and musicians, Maïe has always been interested in drawing and painting. After having tried different techniques such as painting on glass, oil and watercolour, she decided to experiment with digital art.

Originally from Normandy, she arrived in Lyon in 2010 to start studying 3D computer graphics. During her training she discovered different professions: photography, illustration, modeling but also animation and sculpture. At the same time, she studied the work of the artist Brittney LEE, visual development artist at Disney, who creates her paintings in paper. Working with paper was a great discovery, and Maïe decided to replace her mouse with a scalpel.



Initially, Maïe used the female body as a subject of study. For her, a woman’s body is like poetry. The rhythm of the verses can be translated by the harmony of the curves; sensual; graceful; elegant but also demanding. In order to tame this polymorphous creature, she plays with paper, like modelling clay; she sculpts it, shapes it and folds it under her fingers.

Currently Maïe specialises in Kirigami; with a game of finesse and meticulousness, she transforms a simple sheet of paper into a lace of paper.


Her new series is entitled Délicate Nature.

We run so much after time that we often forget to stop and observe.”

Nature is full of details and the details of these cut-outs will force the observer to take the time to contemplate this fragile nature. With her work, she wants to show the elegance of nature and offer visitors a different view of the world around us.

With my paper lace, take the time to observe“.



During her studies she discovered two artists who remain her reference: Glen KEANE whose works are full of softness and poetry, as well as Aaron Blaise who works essentially with wildlife and light.

Moreover, she likes to observe the smallest details of everyday life, the movement of a branch, a flight, a walk; nature and the world around her are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Next exhibitions

3 to 5 May 2024, Art3f LYON

13 to 30 June 2024 exhibition at Galerie-Ateliers L’Alcôve.
Opening on 14 June 2024.

23 to 25 August 2024, Art3f MONACO



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