Trained as a graphic designer, Floë has always left an essential place for drawing. It was at the beginning of the 2000s that she started her adventure, following her various encounters in the graffiti world. Her favourite subjects are mainly the representation of women, but also human relations, emotions and love between people.

In an interview for Kozé magazine, she introduces us to this feminine figure that she develops through her paintings:

She comes back almost all the time. It’s my brand image. I draw women constantly, or at least a representation of women in general. And in the end, a bit of me too (laughs)! What I particularly appreciate is to naturally show her, with her flaws, like a woman who assumes herself with her curves, and her hair. The very opposite image of what the Media reflect. I like the contrast between the sexy, but dripping women.From time to time, I tend to add a more masculine side that we can all have as women.”

She works on this representation of the relationship to femininity by using sharp, marked lines, acid colours and shapes that sometimes go beyond the frame.

In her inspirations, we can find artists who, just like her, have a strong visual identity.  We can name the French graffiti artist “Honet”, or Cleon Peterson’s paintings, but also the satirical and minimalist illustrations of Joan Cornella.

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