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Presentation of the artist

Lulled by numerous and varied artistic influences, Charlotte Pivard appreciates expressionism, abstraction, fauvism, cubism, orphism, informal art and lyrical abstraction. The artists who particularly inspire her are Manessier, Delaunay, Kandinsky, Mondrian and Soulages.

Charlotte Pivard was born in 1983, at the age of 5, she entered an art workshop. From then on, this passion for painting will never leave her. Coming from a family of artists with a very figurative style, still life painting and realistic landscape, she chose a more abstract style, more decorative, colorful and free. At the age of 20, after taking courses in oil painting, drawing and art history, Charlotte Pivard first chose a career away from painting, only to return to it.

Her paintings represent an incomplete and inconsistent view of a moment, a memory, an ephemeral light. If the landscape is her favorite theme, she does not seek to represent reality faithfully, she uses her personal travel photos, not as a model but as inspiration for composition. She likes to use acrylic, oil and knife. Charlotte Pivard never stops searching for the abstract, orienting her pictorial research on the association of colors and light, to share the emotions that animate her and reveal her state of mind. His works can be seen in New York, Sydney, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Perpignan, Grenoble, Reims, Quimper, Aix en Provence, Clermont Ferrand…

Her work

Charlotte Pivard’s painting is a magnified representation of reality, as well as a pictorial research of abstract colors. And in this graphic seduction made of light and colors, the real suggests the abstract, and vice versa.

Her canvases mark the curiosity by their colors and their bright lights. Through her travels, Charlotte Pivard will soak up the beauty that surrounds her. From Cassis to Majorca, through the Caribbean, Indonesia or New Caledonia, she invites us to rediscover the landscape. Through a structured composition and a spontaneous sense of movement, Charlotte Pivard manages to instill both calm and depth in her paintings.

Her work is nourished by contemplation and ingenuously pleads for the protection of the environment. This painter, full of sincerity, has a loving view of nature and likes to transmit, thanks to the luminous intensity of her colors, her daily renewed wonderment of the world. Charlotte Pivard reinterprets landscapes with flat tints of color and lines to bring out the emotion beyond the figurative.

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