Cécile M.

Presentation of the artist Cécile M.

Cécile M was first trained as an architect. In 2015, she became self-employed. She is interested in many techniques: screen printing, dyeing, pottery, embroidery, marbling and engraving. It is in this disparity that she created her style.

Artistic universe

Her work focuses on life incidents, she wishes to move away from the idea of “perfect” which she considers to be soulless, and without any story to tell. It is a balance between two worlds, two universes. Her drawings are a testimony to the imperfection of real life.

Social issues are of great interest to her and can definitely inspire her in her work, such as certain important societal subjects, more precisely: the relationship to rules or even the species extinction.

During her stay at the Alcove, she works mainly on softness, women and the use of patterns. She considers that the daily life of human beings should be improved, so that they are more comfortable and soft. And why not through art? Cécile loves art that questions and this is what she transmits with her drawings. The different techniques used feed this multifaceted questioning.

Very attached to ecological and sustainable issues, she chooses her paper meticulously. Her choices are “made in France”, from Lyon and organic. 

The variety of artistic influences

Cécile M’s influences are numerous and diverse. They range from African art to comics, from textile design to Japanese art and from embroidery to Street Art. Her wide range of inpirations allows her to make rich and bewitching designs.

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