Barbara LERCH

The Artist

Barbara Lerch has been a part of l’Alcove since March 2019. 

After passing her French baccalaureate with a specialisation in Applied Arts she went on to study art, and graduated from the Saint-Etienne School of Arts and Design in 2008. In her fourth year of studies, she fully devoted herself to contemporary drawing. 

Artistic Universe

Abstract shapes and inks. The series « Plis ». 

Her art questions, shapes overlap and complete one another. Her works move toward a controlled abstraction. Barbara uses the accumulation in piles of clothes as a model, which become something completely different once on paper. 

Every new drawing is a new reflection on lines as well as a play between shapes and collages, and their vibrations with ink, coffee or even tea stains. 

The choice of the paper is also an essential part of the work. 

The 1puce1pou duo

Formed in 2018 with the writer Pierre Calavera, the duo “1puce1pou” mixes contemporary drawing and short text. The texts and drawings complement each other (just like the two artists) to create surprising visual creations. With the “Incipit” series, they question the popular novel preconceptions by placing the relationship between text and image in the absurd register.

A word from the artist

The ambiguity between figuration and abstraction make my drawings challenging and questioning. The overload, the stack of layers made from line strokes and superpositions. This can vary depending on the material, the paper, and the traits moving in the space of the sheet. 


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