Adrien Ali-Ribet

The Artist

Originally from Normandy, Adrien Ali-Ribet was a cook for 22 years. He travelled the oceans for 12 years on sailboats, discovering coastal landscapes.  Two years ago he left the oceans, and met his beloved in San Francisco. Ever since, he’s been expressing himself through painting using pictures from his journey on the seaways.

Artistic Universe

Adrien found out about art about fifteen years ago, when traveling two countries on a bicycle. This type of transport, with two wheels and no engine, allowed him to get a unique perspective of the landscape and the images in nature.

As an aspiring artist, he chose to settle at l’Alcove to begin his career.

At the moment, Adrien experiments different techniques such as injecting acrylic paint on wood panels using syringes/needles.


Adrien especially likes paintings by Salvador Dali and music by Claude Debussy, that accompany him when creating.

A word from the artist

I want to be able to say that my Art School was cookery. Making food allowed me to embellish and adjust all of my senses simultaneously.

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