Adrien A.Ribet

The Artist


Originally from Normandy, Adrien A.Ribet (AAR) has been cooking for a quarter of a century browsing regions of the world and discovering different flavors. He travelled the globe part on sailboats discovering coastal landscapes, and part trekking or cycling through continents. Two years ago he left his nomadic life to meet his be-loved in San Francisco. Ever since, he’s been expressing himself through painting using images from his journeys. During his itinerant years, AAR saw the need for preserving various and precious everyday objects that abundance pushes us to get rid of and replace without thinking twice. Today, AAR has define a utility with those possessions and has forged an attachment which he transcribes in to his work with  sensitivity. That artistic approach has convinced him that to find a second use of those objects is a short recycling circuit. At the moment, AAR experiments different techniques such as injecting acrylic paint on wood panels or on linen fabric.


AAR is touched by Monet’s work with his water lilies. He pursues an infinite search where he does not feel any repetition and as AAR says: “inspiration is every where”

A word from the artist

I came to art through cooking which monopolized my five senses simultaneously. As an artist, I now decipher the play between colors, textures, shapes and thereby I adjust the equilibrium between them in the assembling until my full satisfaction. Since my work has developed beyond the frame-work of cooking, I retains the techniques acquired and transposes them for the benefit of my plastic production. I experiment on the support that I unearth until I find this balance that will enhance both the medium and the subject which I decline to a harmonious design.
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