How to apply? 

If you want to submit your work at L’alcove gallery, send us an email at

You can add some visuals of your work (high quality preferred) and your social media as well, with a written presentation of your artistic approach.

What you need to know

L’alcove gallery is managed by a collective of eight resident artists. Therefore, they are those in charge of accepting whether or not a submission. 

We accept all type of art, from photography to painting, sculpture, serigraphy, and more..

Exhibitions usually last for 10 days, from Thursday to Sunday of the following week. The guest artist is in charge of covering the fees directly linked to the opening (such as any eventual event buffet) and required to invite their own network. 

The rental of the gallery is 150€ for these 10 days, including the promotion of the exhibition: 

On our website (one page as “Guest artist” and another for the exhibition itself), publications on social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and the local press, as well as the creation of a poster printed in two versions. 





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