Exhibition “Incipit” – 1puce1pou

Exhibition “Incipit” – 1puce1pou

Exhibition Incipit, by 1puce1pou from June 29th to August 30th 2022 at the Médiathèque Jean Ferrat, Argelès-sur-Mer.


The exhibition Incipit, from June 29 to August 30, 2022, questions genre literature and plunges it into a strange universe where the deepest concern takes on the aspect of simple curiosity. These works play on the discrepancy between the representation provoked by literary narration on the one hand, and that offered by illustration on the other.

For this exhibition, you will discover some of the different original drawings that make up their publications at Editions du Bout de l’Hameçon, past, present and future.

1puce1pou is the alliance of Barbara Lerch, visual artist, whose fishy inspiration will lead you, through her work on patterns, her management of colours, and her pronounced taste for the absurd, to take a carnivalesque look at the astonishing diversity of aquatic fauna, and Pierre Calavera, writer and slammer, whose work on short texts has led him to this synthesis of the novel in an incipit.

Let yourself be shifted!


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