Programmation mai 2022

Programmation of may at L’Alcôve

Artistic agenda

May at L’Alcôve

On the programme in May at L’Alcôve: two exhibitions and an opening!

Until May 8th, discover the collective exhibition of our seven resident artists “Ochre”. Featuring various artistic techniques, you will discover, during this collective exhibition, the range of nuances inspired by the colour ochre. By gathering around this common theme, the artists have sought to offer you an aesthetic unity of their works, without losing the authenticity of each of them.

From 12 May, you can see Sophie Kim Touras‘ exhibition “When the sky gets in the way”. Like the impressionist series, “When the sky get in the way” captures a fleeting moment and its variations. In each work, Sophie Kim Touras attempts to capture a season, a light and the palette of emotions that emanates from it. We marvel at her meticulously aesthetic work, from a bright dawn to an intoxicating dusk.

Sophie Kim Touras is hosting a reception on Thursday 12 May from 6pm to 9pm.

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