Programmation mensuelle

Programmation of February at L’Alcôve

In February at the Galerie L’Alcôve, discover the personal exhibition of the gilding artist Bernard Delaval and the exhibition itinerary proposed by the painting of Laetitia Grün, which invites you to get lost in the dreams and suggestions of her landscapes.



Until 19 February 2023, discover the exhibition of the gilding artist Bernard Delaval. Come and discover the golden polychrome sculptures during the exhibition “De teintes et d’Or”, a declension of matter and movement that communicates joy and enthusiasm.


From 23 February to 12 March 2023, discover the drawings and inks of Laetitia Grün, an artist who mixes figuration and abstraction by creating immersive scenographies that directly appeal to the subjectivity of the viewers.


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