Programmation mensuelle

Programmation of December at L’Alcôve

December 2022 program

In December at L’Alcôve you will find the end of the exhibition “Erosion” and the Christmas Boutique exhibition!

Until December 04, discover the collective exhibition “Erosion” of our resident artists, Sébastien Ferraro, Maïe Alexandre, Barbara Lerch, Margot Nassiet, Nicolas Badout, Sophie Kim Touras, Adrien Ali-Ribet, Valérie Simoncelli. Come and discover their proposal in connection with the resonance project of the 16th edition of the Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art: “Manifesto of Fragility”.


On December 2/3 and 4 for the Fête de la gallerie, come and meet the gallery’s resident artists and discuss their works.


Until December 23, come and discover the collective exhibition Christmas store. Find the works and creations of our resident artists through various formats and for all budgets!



In December, you will also find the universe of Margot Nassiet during her Boutique de Noël art et déco and the marché des créateurs 360° sur l’art.


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