Programmation of march at L’Alcôve

Artistic agenda

March at L’Alcôve

The March program at L’Alcôve will feature three artists: Mathia Pagani, Barbara Lerch and Paul Ward

Until March 06, the Milanese exhibition “Error Project” by Mathia Pagani arrives in Lyon: between painting and augmented reality, the visitor will be able to interact with the works. Animated elements will appear in an unexpected way and will animate the exposed paintings, escaping from the NFT universe where they live. The Gallery L’Alcôve will be populated with paintings and graphics but also with virtual presences with a playful reference to the iconography of Lyon.

From March 10 to 27 our resident artist Barbara Lerch’s exhibition “Autumns in Winter” resonates like a multitude of autumns in a winter for the end of the season. The artist’s abstract drawings borrow their warm, golden browns from autumn and their translucent whites from winter. The lines move through the space of the sheet, the shapes stand out and play with the light. Their shadows move, the drawing lives and vibrates peacefully.

Barbara Lerch invites you to her opening on Thursday, March 10 from 6 to 8 pm.

From March 31, Paul Ward’s exhibition “feeding the pigeons” arrives at L’Alcôve like a big “fuck you”, a burst of laughter in the face of cruelty, an explosion of vibrations to try to put power back where it belongs. From politicians to polluters, from arms dealers to heartless industrialists, “Feeding the Pigeons” will help you point the finger at the culprits while laughing behind the other hand. Feast your eyes on Paul Ward’s paintings, drawings and other works.

Paul Ward invites you to the opening on Thursday, March 31 from 7:30 to 10:00 pm

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